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Client's Charter Achievements

Towards realising our vision to become an eminent graduate school of business, and in line with Universiti Utara Malaysia's motto of "SCHOLARSHIP, VIRTUE, SERVICE", we hereby pledge with complete resolve and commitment, to:

a. Provide high integrity and ethics in the conduct of programmes and curriculum.

- Achieve at least one International Accreditation in 2015 - Result: AMBA Accreditation

- Achieve at least one International Accreditation in 2014 - Result: ABEST21 Accreditation

b. Create knowledge and ideas that advance the practice of management.

- Organize at least 2 relevant sessions in a year to support this aspect; Organized Teambuilding and OYAGSB Retreat

c. Prepare students to be thoughtful and effective leaders.

- Arrange at least 5 relevant programmes in 2014-2015;

OYAGSB Activities (2014-2015)

d. Create an environment that recognises the value and potential of each individual.

- Organize at least one event a year to recognize excellent employees at OYAGSB level- organized "OYAGSB Award Ceremony 2014" on 5th May 2015

e. Create a culture of intellectual curiosity.

- Introduce at least 3 programmes to increase intelectual abilities of students - Organized (SYRI & SYRO, 3MT, Symposium on Business Postgraduate Research, series of Biztalk, ext.)

f. Pursuit opportunities that better serve the society, environment and economy.

- Organize at least 3 related programmes;

  • Staff and students commenced a donation drive towards the flood relief efforts - in a programme called "A Truly Humbling Experience – OYAGSB Travels to Flood Hit Kelantan 2014"
  • OYAGSB has successfully hosted the fifth Principles for Responsible Management Education PRME UN Regional Forum in November 2014. During the said forum, the School was appointed as the Secretariat for the ASEAN + Chapter.
  • OYAGSB  is the founder of World Association of Business Schools in Islamic Countries ( WaiBS) which aims to promote sustainable economic development among member countries via strong partnerships between business schools and industry.

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