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Programme Introduction

With more than 30,000 students, Universiti Utara Malaysia is the largest university that specializes solely in business and management education. Since its establishment in 1984, UUM has played a major role in developing responsive and responsible business leaders for the social and economic transformation of the country and beyond. Since the knowledge it generates and purveys transcends and extends beyond the border of Malaysia, UUM via Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business has set a new agenda to be global in practice and content. OYA Graduate School of Business continues the effort to break down academic boundaries and bring together collaborative teams of experts, both local and international, to address major business issues. The school offers Master of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes. Adding to the list is our new Executive Development programme. The aim is to provide new knowledge and skills for busy senior management and executives to adapt, meet challenges and build capacity in response to complex and ever changing business requirements. One of the core values that the school offers is a healthy academic atmosphere that encourages disagreements as well as accord. OYA Graduate School of Business believes in innovation and encourages a lot of different viewpoints. Maintaining high standard of the programme while helping the nation builds innovative, responsive and responsible human capital is one of the biggest challenges faced by the school. Despite all the challenges, via our innovative approach, we are proud to claim that we have achieved and continue to achieve both important agenda. This is evident by the 2011 Innovation Leadership Award given to OYA Graduate School of Business Dean by CMO Asia's Best B-School Award. OYA Graduate School of Business is also ranked no. 22 in the 2011 World Top 30 Rising MBA Stars by FindyourMBA, another great achievement for the school. In addition to MBA, DBA and PhD in specific areas of specializations (please refer to our five competency centres), OYA Graduate School of Business also offers, in collaboration with College of Business, Master of Science and PhD programmes in other broad areas like management, marketing, finance, economic, entrepreneurship, management technology, and logistics and transport. For detailed information of those programmes, please refer to COB website at www.cob.uum.edu.my. We invite you to explore further and become part of our innovative academic community.

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