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Doctor of Philosophy


Our PhD programme is an advanced degree that entails individual research which should generate new knowledge. OYAGSB supervises candidates in the following niche areas: Business Information System, Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, Consumer and Market Analysis, Financial Analysis and Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Industrial and Development Economics, Corruption and Accounting Fraud, Corporate Governance and Contemporary and Critical Accounting, Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Global Human Capital and Talent Management, Critical Islamic Finance and Banking, and Business Communication Strategy. Students’ research is supervised mainly by our resident faculty, who are both process and subject area specialist. OYAGSB doctoral students are expected to make significant and original contributions to the advancement of theoretical knowledge and perspective in the chosen field.

Programme Objective

Our programme aims to develop students with strong research skills and advanced knowledge in their area of study. OYAGSB PhD students are expected to become critical, ethical, responsible and responsive independent researchers and use the acquired research skills and knowledge to make a difference in business and society.

Target Audience

Our programme welcomes anyone interested in enhancing their research skills and subject expertise for the betterment of business or society at large and furthering the boundaries of knowledge.
Programme Structure
Our Programme is a research-based degree that has two key components: coursework and thesis. Before undertaking research, students are required to pass two compulsory courses of 8 credits where they will acquire necessary research skills to undertake independent research. The courses are as follows:
          * SZRZ6014 Academic Writing
          * SCLE6014 Research Methodology
Throughout the programme, research students are strongly encouraged to attend specialist research training and seminars focussing on various aspects of research process, such as developing a research proposal and statement of a research problem, writing literature review, developing research instruments/instrumentation, identifying population and sample, conducting data collection, analysing qualitative and quantitative data, etc.
Entry Requirements
1. A master’s degree from Universiti Utara Malaysia or any other institutions of higher learning recognised by the University. For a master’s degree with CGPA, the minimum CGPA is 3.00; or
2. Any other equivalent qualifications recognised by the University; and
3. Fulfil the English language requirement.
In addition to meeting the entry requirements, applicants are advised to observe the following when applying to our programme:

a. Provide a letter of motivation and research proposal (min. 1,000 words). Those whose proposal passes initial screening by the Programme Director will be called for an interview (in person or virtually).

b. Propose a potential supervisor, preferably who has already agreed to supervise the applicant. Applicants should visit the School’s website to identify the potential supervisor he/she would like to work with.

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