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Doctor of Business Administration


Our DBA programme brings together future leaders in the public or private sectors to gain new knowledge, sharpen their intellectual and managerial skills and reflect on their past professional and personal experience. It is a three-year programme that is specifically designed to provide a rich learning experience for professionals who aspire to pursue a terminal academic qualification which is highly professionally geared and relevant. Students will have the opportunity not only to contribute to management theory but also they will be able to contribute to the advanced professional practice and development of professional knowledge.

Programme Objectives

  • Enable students/participants to acquire an in-depth understanding of the business and management processes through learning, consultancy work and research on an increasingly multifaceted and demanding business world;
  • Assist companies and organisations in resolving critical problems and promote a business environment of excellent performance;
  • Advance the performance and quality of business decisions through reflective practice and active learning.
  • Provide a platform for experienced managers to learn from the academics, business leaders and themselves, in a highly

Target Audience

Our programme is designed for seasoned, ambitious professionals who would like to bridge theory and practice, research a particular challenge in a business environment, and acquire advanced knowledge and skills of key business and managerial areas. DBA is an academically rigorous doctoral programme that is specially developed for senior, experienced professional managers and may be contextualised to a specific sector and career path.

Programme Structure

Our DBA programme is a mixed-mode programme that uses business cases, simulations, lectures, individual and group research, and consultation project to deliver its learning outcomes. Our programme encompasses both coursework and dissertation. Students need to complete 82 credits to graduate. The programme structure is as follows:

Component 1:

a. 15 credits in business fields

    * BDHS7013 Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
    * BDAK8033 Accounting Practice and Regulation
    * BDFM8013 Corporate Financial Strategy
    * BDMF8013 Global Economic and Business Issues
    * BDMM8033 Global Strategic Marketing and Competitive Analysis

b. 9 credits in research method

    * BDMR8013 Business Research and Methodology
    * BDMR8053 Data Analysis
    * BDMI 8013 Research Proposal Construction

c. 6 credits of elective courses

    * BDMM8043 Contemporary Issues in Marketing
    * BDMH8013 Strategic Human Resource Management
    * BDMH8023 Business Negotiation
    * BDMN8033 Organisational Change Management
    * BDME8033 Seminar in Corporate Entrepreneurship
    * BDMN8043 Managing Strategy and Innovation
    * BDMF8043 Seminar in International Business
    * BDMF8053 Seminar in Business and Sustainability

Component 2: Business Consultation (3 credits)

Component 3: Dissertation (49 credits)


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