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StrictlyBIZ Series

"StrictlyBiz" is the much awaited newsletter from OYA Graduate School of Business, and I am indeed very pleased that it has come into fruition with this first issue. I look forward to StrictlyBiz being another viable platform to reach out to OYA Graduate School of Business' clientele, specifically our students, our alumni, our industry partners and friends from within and across the globe.

OYA Graduate School of Business intends to be one of the top business schools and plans to continue its role as the main player in nurturing future business leaders in the region. Top business schools must be responsive, responsible and relevant (3Rs). With these 3Rs in mind, OYA Graduate School of Business will strive to bring the latest and cutting edge business and management knowledge to students and faculty, through a variety of avenues, including this newsletter, as well as a series of talks by her very own Resident Faculty, invited speakers from industry, and a CD collection of management speeches by world renowned speakers. We hope that by providing diverse opportunities for our students to learn, they can shift from traditional, classroom-lecturer centredlearning methodologies, to a lively and interactive session of sharing ideas and knowledge.

OYA Graduate School of Business has chartered a strategic roadmap, which will lead her into the forefront of management education. Besides offering relevant state-of-the-art curriculum, taught by highly trained faculty members, OYA Graduate School of Business will embed within the curriculum, case studies, developed and written locally, so as to enable students to hone their analytical and communication skills. A series of executive and management training programmes will offer opportunities for participants to acquire new knowledge and skills to help them, especially senior executives and managers, to adapt to the continuously evolving, dynamic and vibrant business environment.

OYA Graduate School of Business has established five Competency Centres, namely Leadership, Innovation & Change, Consumer & Market Analysis, Financial Analysis & Policy, Sustainability & Community Development and Business Information Systems, Planning & Management. Headed by Professors, these Competency Centres will build their own niche areas, within which OYA Graduate School of Business, will develop and execute research, consultancy, publication and training.

UUM and OYA Graduate School of Business are also currently working on applications for several international accreditations, including AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA or in other words, the triple crown accreditation, as well as ABEST 21. "Heavy is the head that wears the crown", and OYA Graduate School of Business certainly has very arduous and daunting challenges ahead of her. Nonetheless, with the support and synergistic ties with management, faculty and industry players, OYA Graduate School of Business is ready to take on the proverbial bull by the horns, so as to position UUM as a force to be reckoned with in the field of postgraduate education.

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