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Corporate Executive Education and Development (CEED)

The business environment of the 21st century is marked by fierce and global completion, financial crises, increased importance of corporate governance and shareholder scrutiny, and proliferating corporate scandals. Therefore, companies in every industry need senior executives who can steer their organizations from the environmental uncertainties and shocks towards a sustainable better future. Sometimes it is difficult to develop such executives and prepare them as effective leaders without outside help.
Corporate Executive Education (CEE) are designed to meet the needs of senior management and executives for new skills and knowledge in order to adapt, meet challenges and build capacity in response to complex and ever changing business requirements. In other words, CEE (many institutions refer to them as Management Development Programs or MDP), is an effort that enhances the learner's capacity to manage organizations (or oneself).
CEE at OYA Graduate School of Business offers two types of executive development programs to extend the reach of management education to all, those who have the need but not the time:
  1. Customized Programs
  2. Open Enrolment Programs
The customized programs are need-based organization specific training classes at the time and venue convenient to the client organizations.
In comparison, the open enrolment programs include an array of pre-arranged classes where anyone can register in his/her individual capacity or be sponsored by an organization. These programs are not customized to any specific organization or industry but cater to general industry needs.



1. The HR Business Acumen Programme (5 & 6 Feb 2018, Intercontinental Hotel, KL)

2. Alternative Investment Managers Masterclass (5 & 6 Feb 2018, Intercontinental Hotel, KL)

3. CFO Masterclass in Advanced International Finance (8 & 9 Feb 2018, Intercontinental Hotel, KL)

4. Professional Certification in People Analytics (12 & 13 Feb 2018, Sheraton Hotel, PJ)

5. Malaysia Senior Leadership Programme (Sabah Edition): Leading Through Disruption (22 & 23 Feb 2018, Promenade Hotel, KK)

6. Self Mastery in Customer Service Delivery for Frontliners (8 & 9 Feb 2018, Kuala Lumpur)

MARCH 2018
9. National Seminar for Facilitators, Instructors, Educators & Trainers in TVET Industry (12 & 13 March 2018, Istana Hotel, KL)
14. Hotel General Managers Leadership Development Programme (22 - 24  March 2018, Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson)
APRIL 2018
16. Emerging Leaders Programme "Electra Leaders Competent Talent Readiness Programme", (2 - 6 April 2018, Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson)
18. Chartered Management & Leadership Programme for Construction Leaders (16 - 19 April 2018, Westin Resort and Spa Langkawi) 
19. Borneo International Customer Experience Summit 2018 "Digital Readiness for Customer Experience in Hospitality, Tourism, and Service Industries" (24 & 25 April 2018, Riverside Majestic, Kuching)
MAY 2018

20. National HR Learning Fest for Civil Service and Government Agencies (2 & 3 May 2018, Pullman Putrajaya)

21. Malaysian Board & C - Level Retreat "Navigating the One Belt Road Initiative - Insight, Prospectives, and Challenges" (7 - 9 May 2018, Westin Resort and SPA Langkawi)

22. Malaysian Hospitality and Tourism Sales Leadership Programme (7 & 8 May 2018, Westin Resort and SPA Langkawi)

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