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Mohamed Mustafa Ishak Profile Page
Mohamed Mustafa Ishak
Professor & Vice-Chancellor, UUM
Leadership Innovation and Change
+604 928 3000
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About Me

B.A.Hons, Political Science(UKM) MA, Politics(Univ.of York, UK) PhD, Political Sociology (Univ. of Leeds, UK)
Political Science and International Relations

Professor Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak is a Professor of Politics and International Studies at Universiti Utara Malaysia. His PhD in Political Sociology is from the University of Leeds and MA (Politics) from the University of York, United Kingdom. He obtained a B.A.Hons (Political Science) from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Professor Mustafa’s PhD is about ethnic politics and nationalism in the context of creating a Malaysian nation or Bangsa Malaysia. He has written several books and published numerous articles in local and international journals and newspapers. His book entitled “The Politics of Bangsa Malaysia”, which was published in 2014, was warmly received by readers.

Professor Mustafa is an expert in Malaysian and Southeast Asian politics, and as a well known prolific writer, his expert opinions have been much sought after by both the local and foreign media. He was recently conferred the prestigious international award, ‘The Dr. Constantine "Taki" Papadakis Leadership Award for Excellence in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Commitment to Cooperative & Work-Integrated Education'. Professor Mustafa was also recently appointed a CMI Companion by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), an accredited professional institution for management, based in London, United Kingdom.

His career at UUM begun in 1986 when he became a tutor at the School of Foundation Studies, and then a lecturer until his appointment as a Professor of Politics and International Studies. Professor Mustafa was previously the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni), and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International Affairs). He was appointed the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Utara Malaysia since June 2010. He is currently the Head of Cluster on Politics, Security and International Affairs, National Council of Professors and was also appointed as the Chairman of the Association of Statutory Bodies, Malaysia in 2010.

Professor Mustafa is married to Datin Seri Norhayati Bt. Nazri, and had been blessed with four lovely children.


1. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ketua Penyelidik) (2015), Taming Sari: Semangat Besi, Geran Agensi Luar. (On going)
2. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ketua Penyelidik) (2011), The Political of Oil and South-South Cooperation, Geran FRGS. (On going)
3. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ketua Penyelidik) (2014), Kajian Pola Pengundian PRU-13 Mengikut Peti Undi Negeri Terengganu (Phase 1). Terengganu Integrity & Strategic Studies Institute (T-ISSI) Research Grant. (Completed)
4. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ahli) (2013), Ekuiti dan Prestasi Jenama Barisan Nasional di Negeri Johor, Geran Institut. (Completed)
5. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ahli) (2013), Kajian Sosialisasi Politik di Negeri Sembilan, Geran Institut. (Completed)
6. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ahli) (2013), Kajian Sosialisasi Politik di Negeri Perak, Geran Institut. (Completed)
7. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ahli) (2013), Pengaruh Media ke Atas Tingkah Laku Pengundi di Negeri Kedah, Geran Institut. (Completed)
8. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ahli) (2013), Kajian Persepsi Politik Pra Pilihanraya Ke-13, Geran Institut. (Completed)
9. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ahli) (2012), Kajian Transformasi Kepimpinan Masyarakat Kedah Fasa 1, Geran Institut. (Completed)
10. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, (Ahli) (2012), Kajian Sosio Politik dan Isu-Isu Semasa di Kedah, Geran Institut. (Completed)
11. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (Ketua Penyelidik) (2012), Kajian Persepsi Pelbagai Etnik Di Semenanjung Malaysia serta Sabah dan Sarawak Terhadap Kolej Komuniti, Geran Agensi Luar. (Completed)
12. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, (Ahli) (2011), Kajian Transformasi Kepimpinan Masyarakat Selangor (Kajian Kes Parlimen Pandan), Geran Agensi Luar. (Completed)
13. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (2011), Kajian Keperluan Pelajar Antarabangsa di UUM. (Completed)
14. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak et.a; (2006), Pengetahuan, Kefahaman dan Jangkaan Rakyat Malaysia Terhadap Islam Hadhari. YADIM Research Grant. (Completed)
15. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, Shamsul Anuar Ismail et.al (2005), Perlakuan Mengundi Mahasiswa dalam Pilihanraya Kampus di IPTA 2005 di Malaysia. UUM ResearchGrant RM30,000, (Completed)
16. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak et.al (2004), An Evaluation of Master Programmes. UUM University Grant RM30, 000. (Completed)
17. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak , Mansor Mohd Noor, et.al (2002), Leadership Profile in UMNO-Private Grant RM50,000. (Completed)
18. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (1995), Voting Behaviour in Kedah, What Did They Choose in the 1995 General Election? Individual Grant. (Completed)
19. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak and Mohd Foad Sakdan (1994), Voting Behaviour in Tanjong Seri, Kedah, Private Grant. (Completed)
20. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak et.al (1993), Perceptions of University Students on “The Tulisan Jawi”, UUM Research Grant. (Completed)
21. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak and Rohana Yusof et.al (1993), The Relationship of Time Management and Academic Performance Among UUM Students, UUM Research Grant. (Completed)
22. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak and Mohd Foad Sakdan (1991), Subsidy Politics and Poverty in Kedah: A Study of Kupang and Bayu state constituencies, UUM Research Grant. (Completed)


1. Ishak, M. (2014). Post Election Behavior? Is it Possible? A Framework Based on Hirschman (1970)Model. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 8 (12), 67-75.
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6. Ishak, M. (2012). Malaysia as a Moderate Muslim Country and Its Effects to Malaysia-US Relations. international conference on international studies (ICIS).
7. Ishak, M. (2012). Malaysia as a Moderate Muslim Country and Its Effects to Malaysia-US Relations. international conference on international studies (ICIS).

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