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Abdullah Lin Profile Page
Abdullah Lin
Associate Professor of Human Resource Management
Head of Leadership and Change
+604-9287149; +6019-4149398
+604 928 5220

About Me

MBA in Human Resource Management (The Notthingham Trent University); PhD in Human Resource Management (University Utara Malaysia)
Human Resource Management; Leadership; Change Management
Human Resource Practices; Organizational Development; Leadership

Associate Professor Dr. Abdullah bin Lin started his career at Motorola Penang in Jan 1985 under the area of Engineering Automation. He joint Bakti Commitel and Sony Audio for similar field. He changed his career from Engineering to Human Resource Management specifically in Training and Development after joining BCM Corporation. He also worked for Multinational American companies such as Finisar and First Solar, and Malaysia-based companies such as Silterra and Prasarana Group in the area of Human Resource Management specifically the Organizational Development, Training andTalent Management. Among his works include the Succession Management, Leadership Development, Competency Profiling/Development, Presentation Skill, Personal Profiling, Interviewing Technique, Job Evaluation, Performance Management, and in-house educational development programs. He received a PhD in HRM from UUM, Master in HRM from NTU, Degree in Manufacturing and Diploma in Electrical Engineering from UiTM. Overall, he has approximately 28 years of working experience for both in Technical and Human Resource Development.




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  2. ICSE 2002 (International Conference in Semiconductor Electronics): Real-Time Monitoring User Certification and Validation System.
  3. ASMC 2003 (Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference): The Effectiveness and Practical Application of HRD programmes in Semiconductor Industry: A Case Study of SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
  4. NSM 2003 (National Symposium on Microelectronics): A Competency Development and Profiling Approach Towards Succession Planning A SilTerra Legacy.
  5. Berita PSMB (Mar 04): Ke Arah Pembangunan Teknikal Bagi Juruteknik and Jurutera Mesin di SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
  6. ICEM 2004 (International Conference in Management Education): Curriculum Development for Equipment Technicians in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication: A Case Study of SilTerra Malaysia.
  7. ICEM 2004 (International Conference in Management Education): A Practical Approach Towards Succession Planning.
  8. ICSE 2004 (International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics): SilTerras Experience in Developing Multi-skills Technician.
  9. IPSI 2005, Venice, Italy (International Conference in Multi-Disciplinary): Developing Multi-Skills Technician. A Case Study at SilTerra Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.
  10. ASMC 2003 (Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference): Curriculum Development for Semiconductor Industry in Malaysia: A case study of Technical Development Programs for Technicians and Engineers in Wafer Manufacturing Company.
  11. HR and Global Leadership Conference 2006, (Talk): Leadership and Succession Planning at Silterra: Problems and Challleges
  12. ML 2007, Innsbruck, Austria (MicroLearning): Learning and Competency Development at Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. A Practical Approach Towards Developing People in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication
  13. FMM 2nd Human Resource Conference (Invited Speaker), Kuala Lumpur: Succession Planning Systematic Process for Succession Success (21-22 June 07)
  14. RESERD 2008 , Terengganu: Practical Approach Towards Succession Planning (14-15 Jan 2008)
  15. Maxis Academy, Human Resource Forum (Invited Speaker), Kuala Lumpur: Organizational Leadership and Development Plan the Methodology (24 June 08)
  16. 4th National HRM, UUM, at Port Dickson (paper presentation). Factors Affecting Training Effectiveness.
  17. International Business Conference, in September in British Virgin Islands (Talk). Factors that Affect the Training Effectiveness in Semiconductor Industry in Malaysia.
  18. International Conference on Employment, organized by AEAP in October in Chicago, USA.(Present paper).Factors That Affecting Training Effectiveness in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Industry in Malaysia.
  19. International Conference on Human Resource Developmen,t organized by AHRD Asia Chapter in July in Bangkok, Thailand (Paper presentation).Factors Affecting Training Effectiveness.
  20. Journal of US – China Public Administration, 6(4), 45-49. (Journal).Factors Affecting Training Effectiveness.

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